Sunday, 16 May 2010

May 2010: day two

what I ate
almond milk and strawberry shake
raw pecan and buckwheat snacks
cheese and non-wheat crackers
steamed asparagus and baby new potatoes
apple juice, cider

not the most balanced diet today, but it's Sunday, so I'll let myself off. During the week, though, it's definitely a case of "must try harder". Letting myself get hungry so I don't eat what I intended is a pattern to break.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

May 2010: day one

what I ate
whole canteloupe
coffee with rice milk (treat)
coleslaw and butterhead lettuce (all raw)
2 vegan chocolate truffles (treat)
raw (dehydrated) buckwheat nibbles
mouthful of crisps from YummyHubby
baked sweet potatoes and salad
glass of wine

No juices or smoothies today for practical reasons, but otherwise a good food day compared to, well, pick any weekend day in the past few months!

This is a food diary for my reference.

May 2010: back on the wagon

Goodness. It's been a whole year. There's a story in there, but it'll take a while to tell and right now is not the time to tell it. It's complicated, it spins out in all directions and I've tried to tame it, but it's unwieldy. I'll have to spend time organising my thoughts before I post them here.

So for now, this stands as an introduction to the food diary I'll be posting for reference for when I'm somewhere along the path and need to remind myself.

The regime:
For the past few days I've added in extra fruit, swapped cooked dinner for raw and tried very hard (succeeded so far!) to avoid snacks.

For the next few weeks I'm on a high-raw regime, loose enough that it doesn't restrict me and make it feel too hard to stick to, but with some guidelines to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Daily intake:
fresh juice
green smoothie
whole fruit
raw lunch and raw dinner
Treats: coffee with non-dairy milk, dried fruit/nuts to snack on, glass of wine with dinner.
Restrictions: No wheat. Minimal dairy.
Allowances: comfort food and cooked food, such as baked sweet potato or homemade soup, couple of times a week at most.
Upgrade: replace meals with green smoothies.

I intend to "upgrade" after a week perhaps, then again a week or so later, until I've cut right back, got all wheat, dairy and coffee out of my system.

Why blog?
One of the reasons I've written this down and put it out there is to have some accountability. I've tried to take on this regime several times in the past few months and it's failed. I've had one too many treats and allowed the cooked food on my plate to take over the raw. I've looked at the juicer and the thought of cleaning it afterwards makes me turn away from making juice. I've got home to a fridge of uninspiring vegetables and preferred to cook them with some olive oil and garlic. Whatever my hidden reasons (and reams has already been written on why we fail to stick to a raw diet) it's just no good. I can't keep doing this. So, written down, in a dusty corner of the Internet, is my commitment. You can call me on it.

Why bother?
I'm at my best on a raw diet. Eating cooked food - and a generally healthier diet than most - I get ill frequently. Then I get fed up of being ill. Then I do this, go back to raw food. Seems like a never-ending cycle. My dream is to stick to a mostly raw diet for a year, because I think if I can make it through winter, family crises and holidays then I've got past most of the hurdles. And if I can do it for a whole year, I can do it for many years. And the thought of being slim, fit, healthy, glowing, full of energy - which is what I would achieve after a year on raw food - is such a huge shining light of a goal.

Friday, 1 May 2009

oriental stir-unfry

I'd washed a pile of spinach to make a green smoothie, but when it came to lunchtime, I wanted to eat, not drink. So I made this instead. YUM!

I used the concept of stir-fried Chinese greens, which is one of my favourite things to eat when making oriental food at home. I say oriental as we always take a bit of Chinese, bit of Thai, bit of Japanese and hash it all together. In 'real' stir-fried greens you'd use pak choi, but this recipe, since it isn't cooked, recreates the original texture best with spinach.

200g (half a pound) of spinach, washed and dried
1 spring onion (green onion, scallion) finely chopped
1 small clove of garlic, finely chopped
half inch of ginger, finely chopped
2 teaspoons sesame oil (or other nutty flavoured oils)
splash tamari/soy sauce/nama shoyu
1 teaspoon honey (if you're true vegan, substitute with your favourite sweetener, but I'm not sure it will have the same effect.)
sprinkle of sunflower and sesame seeds

Mix half of the oil, the garlic, ginger, tamari and honey and leave it to infuse for at least ten minutes (you can do this the day before for extra punch.)
Make sure the spinach is thoroughly dry. Drizzle the rest of the oil over the spinach and massage, with your hands, until the spinach darkens and becomes soft and glossy.
Add the chopped spring onions and seeds, then give the dressing a good mix or if you made it in a jar, then shake until homogenised and pour that over. Mix well.
Serve in rice bowls with chopsticks as a great oriental starter or side dish to some nori rolls.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

spring clean: day 6, 7 & 8

progress report

We've been at this for a week. We're juicing sweet breakfast juices, sometimes having a bowl of fresh chopped fruit too, green smoothie for lunch and a green juice mid-afternoon, then another juice or a fairly simple raw dish for dinner. I've had a horrendous week of headaches and high temperatures, but I have had that "I'm invincible!" feeling too, from time to time, which is groovy. YummyHubby(tm) is having a salad at lunch too, sometimes partially cooked, with falafel, for instance. He's coping really well, much more so than a pure juicefeast, which he finds really tough. So although we're not currently juicefeasting really, we are following a really healthy, light regime, and it's doing us both good. 

I did say we'd do this for a week then step it up to just juices, so it's time to cut out the dinner salads, but I'm going to keep the smoothies going for a few more days, as it does make things so much easier. You don't get hungry, you're getting plenty of greens and they're a great carrier for all sorts of supplements.  Plus we're moving house this week, so we need that yummy banana energy.

daily consumption
We've had all sorts over the past few days, so this is just an average day as I can't think of the exact blends we've had.

1.5 pints peach passion fruit pear orange mango juice
1 pint spinach banana peach smoothie
1 pint celery cucumber mint pear juice
kale avocado olives pomegranate pepper onion salad

Thursday, 5 March 2009

spring clean: day 5

still getting better

I'm mostly fixed, with a light nagging headache that comes back now and again. I'm quite tired too, but I suspect that's a side effect of all the painkillers I've been taking. I don't like taking conventional medicine but if I can't resolve it myself with the various natural remedies I'm comfortable with, then I can't see that I have a choice. But I do know that a month of juice will raise up my health foundations and I won't need to resort to chemical nasties to heal my head or skin or whatever it happens to be.

The office fruit box was surprisingly still full today, on new fruit box delivery day, so I helped out by clearing out all the mandarins and clementines and making a big jug of juice. They were past their best for eating but they made a delicious, slightly tart juice.

Today I made us some steamed veg for dinner. I was craving it, so I relented and had it. I was absolutely starving this afternoon and I really needed some solid food. Still, it's a huge leap from my comfort eating, overeating of late. I'll write more about that another day.

today's consumption
3 pints watermelon juice
1 pint spinach peach banana smoothie
1 pint mandarin juice
3 medjool dates
steamed vegetables with olive oil and garlic

Keep it juicy!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

spring clean: day 4

Today has been so much better!

For breakfast we treated ourselves to a bowl of delicious strawberries that were too good to juice, followed by neat pineapple juice, which is our favourite. My headache has subsided. Yes, it's still clinging on for dear life there, but I can function like a normal person now. Hurray!

We're sticking to the mixed approach right now of juices, smoothies and some raw food, and in a couple of days we'll step it up again. 

I'm excited about the changes I'm about to start seeing. Just a few more days until I start to feel the benefits and I'm so looking forward to that.

today's consumption
bowl of strawberries
1 pint pineapple juice
1 pint pear mango spinach smoothie
2 pints orange juice
1 pint celery cucumber chinese leaf mint juice

Feeling juicy!